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Contros probe technology is used in inland waters and in the maritime sector for measuring tasks and for water quality control. Hydrological parameters can be recorded continuously over a long period of time with little maintenance.


The CONTROS HydroC CH₄ FT is a unique surface
methane partial pressure sensor designed for
flow through applications like pumped stationary
systems (e.g. monitoring stations) or ship based
underway systems (e.g. FerryBox). Fields of
application include: Climate studies, methane
hydrate studies, limnology, fresh water control,
aquaculture / fish farming.


The CONTROS HydroC CH₄ sensor is a unique
subsea / underwater methane sensor for in-situ
and online measurements of CH₄ partial pressure
(p CH₄). The versatile CONTROS HydroC® CH₄
provides the perfect solution for the monitoring
of background CH₄ concentrations and for longterm deployments.


The CONTROS HydroC CO₂ sensor is a unique and versatile subsea / underwater carbon dioxide sensor for in-situ and online measurements of dissolved CO₂. The CONTROS HydroC CO₂ is
designed to be used on different platforms
following different deployment schemes.
Examples are moving platform installations, such
as ROV / AUV, long-term deployments on seabed
observatories, buoys and moorings as well as
profiling applications using water-sampling


The CONTROS HydroC CO₂ FT is a unique surface water carbon dioxide partial pressure sensor designed for underway (FerryBox) and lab
applications. Fields of application include ocean
acidification research, climate studies, air-sea
gas exchange, limnology, fresh water control,
aquaculture/fish farming, carbon capture and
storage – monitoring, measurement and
verification (CCS-MMV).


The CONTROS HydroFIA pH is a flow-through
system for the determination of the pH value in
saline solutions and ideally suited for measurements in seawater. The autonomous pH analyser can be used in the lab or easily integrated into existing automated measuring systems on e.g. voluntary observing ships (VOS).


The CONTROS HydroFIA TA is a flow through
system for the determination of the total
alkalinity in seawater. It can be used for
continuous monitoring during surface water
applications as well as for discrete sample
measurements. The autonomous TA analyser can
be easily integrated into existing automated
measuring systems on voluntary observing ships
(VOS) such as FerryBoxes.

4H-Jena Engineering FerryBox

The 4H FerryBox continuous flow water analyzer is an autonomous, low maintenance metrology system which has been developed especially for permanent deployment on ships, metrology platforms and river measurement points. Due to its special architecture, the system is able to link a multitude of sensors and automatic analysis devices for water.

The entire sensor system is an integral part of the anti-fouling concept whereby the maintenance requirement is held to a minimum.

As an optional installation, The 4H-FerryBox can be integrated with the Systea portable nutrient analysers. The analyzer captures a sample from the 4H-FerryBox water circuit, which is then analyzed in a wet chemistry process.


The 4H-FerryBox can be installed with sensors for the following paramenters:

  • pH

  • Oxygen

  • Temperature

  • Conductivity

  • Chlorophyll A

  • Turbidity

  • Phycocyanin

  • Phycoerythrin

  • Rhodamine

  • fluorescine

  • CDOM

  • Crude Oil

  • Naphthalene

  • Acenaftena

  • Fenantrene

  • Crisene, Pirene

  • Antracene

  • Benzo

  • Green, blue, CDOM, and Chlorophyll A Algae

  • CO2

  • Nitrate, Nitrite

  • Phosphate, Silica

  • Ammonia


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